Olloclip Filmer's Kit is your go-to bag o' live-streaming tricks

Olloclip Filmer's Kit is your go-to bag o' live-streaming tricks
From Mashable - July 16, 2017

Good smartphone photography and video requires a steady hand, a good eye and, just maybe, a bag of tricks.

That's more or less the concept behind Olloclip's and Incase's limited-time mashup: The Filmer's Kit.

It's a black, compression-molded, 9-inch-by-6-inch-by-3-inch case packed with the majority of Olloclip's iPhone 7 add-on lenses (the Core Lens Set and Active Lens Set) and Pivot, a nifty, articulating hand-held mobile phone grip with a universal clamp that accommodates most smartphone sizes. There's also a cold-shoe mount on the Pivot for a microphone and light source and an adapter so you can use Pivot with your favorite GoPro style camera.

And the whole thing costs $199.

Since a single Olloclip set with three lenses can costs as much as $119, the Filmer's Kit is a decent savings.

It's also pretty darn good.

Olloclip's been making add-on lenses since the iPhone 4, using high-quality, multi-elements optics to add everything from wide-angle to zoom and macro capabilities. The biggest changes, year-over-year, have been how you attach the lenses to the phone.

Early additions slipped onto the corner of the iPhone 4 and 5, but as the iPhone slimmed down, screens got bigger, and the cameras moved around on the device body, Olloclip developed increasingly ingenious methods for positioning its lenses over both the rear and front-facing cameras.

The significantly larger iPhone 7 lens (and dual lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus) forced the biggest Olloclip system change to date.

The new Connect system, which is well-represented in the Filmer's Kit, separates the Olloclip attachment hardware from the lenses, allowing you to use a spring-loaded system to place and remove the lenses in the molded Olloclip frames, which are designed to position the lenses over either the front or rear-facing cameras.

I must admit that, at first, I was not a fan of this new, more complex strategy. The lenses snap in securely enough, but I worried about the wiggle that remains even after you put the lens in the frame. That bit of give, however, comes in handy when you put the Olloclip on your phone, keeping the lens loose until it's sitting right over the iPhone 7 lens.

The other benefit of this system is that you can swap out lenses without removing the Olloclip frame. The more I did this, the more I got used to the Connect system.


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