Raunchy sex comedy game House Party removed from PC store Steam

Raunchy sex comedy game House Party removed from PC store Steam
From CBC - July 30, 2017

A sex comedy video game called House Party has been removed from Steam, North America's largest online store for PC games, sparking debate overits policies on nudity and sexual content.

In House Party, by Florida-based Eek! Games, you play a man socializing with the other mostly female party-goers. You spend most of your time flirting with impossibly buxom women in the hopes of an explicit, on-screen romantic encounter.

You will also be given minor tasks by other attendees, like looking for the party host's phone or finding painkillers for a hung-over party-goer.

Reaction to House Party has been mixed, but enthusiastic either way. Videos of popular YouTubers like Sean (jacksepticeye) McLoughlin and Canadian Matt Shea shouting incredulously at the game's salacious humour have been viewed millions of times.

Rock Paper Shotgun's John Walker, meanwhile, called it "misogynistic," while also panning its "ugly" visuals and the clunky, glitchy way characters move around the house.

"It's stupendously sexist and depressing, a sort of unaware failure of an alpha male simulator," he wrote.

Removed for 'pornography'

After about a month on Steam's digital shelves, House Party vanished. According to a blog post by Eek! Games' Bobby Ricci, Valve (the company behind Steam) said it was removed for "pornography" and would not be allowed back until changes to the game's content were made.

"I know there are many games with nudity, and there are also games with sex scenes as well, including really popular titles, so it's all rather confusing and I do not know exactly where the line is or what in particular I should be censoring," Ricci wrote.

"I understand where Steam is coming from," he added, criticizing what he called "an alarming societal perception of sex and nudity as something evil, even more so than murder, genocide, tortureand gore which is widely accepted and prevalent in most other video games."

Ricci told CBC News that his dealings with Valve were initially very positive. "Valve was very supportive and helpful from the start, which is why the removal came as a shock to me," he said.

According to, one possible storyline in the game involves blackmailing a female character into stripping in front of the player, after finding nude photos on her phone and threatening to make them public.

Few games with nudity

Critical for indie creators


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