Beatles' original Eleanor Rigby score up for auction

From BBC - August 20, 2017

The original score for The Beatles' song Eleanor Rigby is expected to fetch 20,000 at auction.

Handwritten by Paul McCartney, who wrote the lyrics, the score is signed by producer George Martin.

Rigby's name is inscribed on a headstone in a Liverpool graveyard, where McCartney first met John Lennon at a church fete.

Deeds for the grave and a miniature Bible, dated 1899 and with her name written inside, will also be sold.

They were discovered by a relative when the estate of two of Rigby's half-sisters was left to the family.

Paul Fairweather, from Omega Auctions, said it was an "incredible coincidence" for both lots to come up for sale at the same time.


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