Super NES Classic Preorders Are Live and This Is Where You Can Find One

Super NES Classic Preorders Are Live and This Is Where You Can Find One
From TIME - August 22, 2017

Super NES Classic preorders are finally happening, and frenzied fans are already ravaging retailer stockpiles. The system, a 1990s era Super Nintendo that's been hit with a shrink ray and bundled with 21 gamesincluding a never-before-released followup to 3D shoot-em-up Star Foxarrives on September 29 for $79.99.

Nintendo's official Super NES Classic page confirms that preorders are happening now via official retail partners Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys 'R' Us and Walmart.

Here's where you can find the Super NES Classic, followed by a rundown of everything we know about Nintendo's micro-console so far.

Amazon - Sold Out

Amazon's preorders went live in the middle of the night, August 22, and almost immediately sold out. The online retailer's Super NES Classic preorder page is here. It's not clear if or when the company will offer further preorders.

Best Buy - Sold Out

The electronics retailer opened preorders Tuesday morning, August 22, and promptly sold out. Keep an eye on Best Buy's official Super NES Classic preorder page for further info, which the company says is "coming soon."

GameStop - Unclear

GameStop's Super NES Classic preorders were supposed to go live at 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, purchasable either as individual units or as part of five bundles, which the company says you can buy online, or via their web-in-store program. The company requires a $25 deposit to get the console on September 29.

The retailer also says it's taking preorders in-store.

Target - Sold Out

Target's Super NES Classic page is here. The company's initial preorders went live shortly after 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, but clicking the preorder or "add to cart" buttons produces an "out of stock" inventory error message.

Walmart - Sold Out

You can preorder the Super NES Classic from Walmart right here. The company's preorder page appears to have gone live around 1:00 p.m. ET on August 22, but buyers quickly burned through Walmart's initial allotment.

(An apparent website goof on July 21 surfaced the retail giant's Super NES Classic's preorder page early, resulting in tons of orders the retail giant wound up subsequently canceling.)

Toys 'R' Us - Not Yet Live

Toys 'R' Us's Super NES Classic page is not available yet.

eBay - Available

If you do not mind paying exorbitant scalper prices, eBay has listings for the Super NES Classic for between $200 and $300. This is utter last resort territory for super-fans, and under-no-circumstances-whatsoever turf for everyone else.

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