Simpsons composer Alf Clausen fired

From BBC - August 31, 2017

Emmy award winning composer Alf Clausen who has written music for The Simpsons for 27 years has been fired.

Clausen told Variety that he received a call from Simpsons producer Richard Sakai, who said the company was seeking "a different kind of music".

He confirmed the news on Twitter and thanked fans for their support.

There is speculation that it is the result of cost-cutting on the long running animation. Clausen used a 35-piece orchestra every week.

Speaking in 2015, he said he was very strict with the budget because he appreciated how much using a large orchestra each week cost, but said the bosses at The Simpsons did not hassle him over it.

Clausen won an Emmy award for his 1997 song We Put The Spring In Springfield from the episode Bart After Dark.

He also won an Emmy for the 1998 song You are Checkin' In from the episode The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.

He was nominated a further 18 times at the Emmys and has also won three Annie awards.

Clausen produced The Simpsons albums and collaborated with many of the show's musical guest stars, including U2.


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