Saint John-born Jeopardy! contestant hits high notes but loses on music question

Saint John-born Jeopardy! contestant hits high notes but loses on music question
From CBC - September 13, 2017

Christopher Fennell, the Saint John-born professor who appeared on Jeopardy! Tuesday night, lost in an all-or-nothing final roundbut he's happy he at least did not get a single question wrong.

"I thought it went well," the University of Ottawa professor said over the phone Tuesday.

"I did not get anything wrong. That was my other goal. That goal was achieved."

'Out-of-body experience'

Fennell said he watched the show in a bar last night with about 30 of his friends.

Being under a confidentiality agreement, he was unable to reveal the results beforehand.

He described being on the show as "an out-of-body experience," and said watching it was strange because he answered questions he does not remember getting correct.

"(I) was a trivia automaton for a little while up there," he said.

"I did not remember all the parts of it."

After trailing at the end of the first round, Fennell made a bit of a comeback in the second.

He did particularly well in the "Travel France" and the "Reality TV" categories, with the former helping close the gap before the final round.

Unfortunately for Fennell, the returning champion stumbled across every "Double Jeopardy" answer, making it hard to catch up.

And Fennelldid not like seeing the "Art and artists" or "Magic and sorcery in the Bible" categories, describing himself as better with pop culture.

"I read Entertainment Weekly every week."

"But I did answer one correctly," he said, referring to the category involving theBible.

Final Jeopardy and last chance

Not a sore loser


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