Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss reunite, have words in Toronto

Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss reunite, have words in Toronto
From CBC - September 13, 2017

Margaret Atwood spoke of the power of the spoken word at Toronto's Union Station on a busy Wednesday morning, as she and her friend, actress Elisabeth Moss, in a promotional event for the Canadian launch of Audible.

The audio giant, owned by Amazon,is now producing and offering a string ofaudiobooks of Canadian novels, and it's hoping attract new customers byplaying off the buzz surroundingAtwood's 1985 novel The Handmaid's Tale and the subsequent TV series, which nabbed 13 nominations at the upcomingEmmy Awards.

To that end, AudibleCEO Don Katz, along with Atwood and Moss, took over a section of Union Station, and passersby paused to hear Moss, who plays main character Offred in the television series, read out a passage fromthe dystopiannovel.

"I slice the top off the egg with a spoon, and eat the contents," Moss ended her recitation from the book's 19th chapter,as the assembledcrowd broke out intoloudapplause. "It's not bad, Margaret," she said to Atwoodwith a laugh.

Atwoodpraised theaudiobookas a popular option for today's busy world, while noting it is essentially the past coming full circle.

"You can think of Audible possibly as the return of radioor possibly as the return of the voice,which never really went away," the author said.

Moss was pleased to have the opportunity to read one of the many "delicious" passagesfrom the iconic book.

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