Anne and Gilbert, please meet Anne and Gilbert

Anne and Gilbert, please meet Anne and Gilbert
From CBC - September 15, 2017

A real life Anne and Gilbert are spending their vacation in P.E.I. this week learning all about the other Anne and Gilbert, the popular characters from the book, Anne of Green Gables.

As a girl, Anne Hamilton said sheread the book andwondered if someday she'd meet a man like GilbertBlythe.

It turns she did.

She met Gilbert Hamilton when she was 14. They were marriedin 1988.

"It was meant to be," Anne said of their meeting, "because I loved the book so much when I was young."

'Kind of cool to tell people your name'

Prince Edward Island is one of the first places Anne Hamilton, who lives in Ontario, wanted to visit after she retired.

During the visit the couple have gone to see Anne of Green Gables: The Musical and visitedthe Anne of Green Gables site.


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