Game of Thrones star Gillen to play Irish comic

From BBC - September 20, 2017

"Goodnight, good luck and may your god go with you." That was the sign-off of Dave Allen, the Irish comedian whose wit was as dry as his drink was wet.

Now, 12 years on from his death, the BBC is to bring him back to life in a one-off drama starring Aidan Gillen.

Dave Allen At Peace will explore the renowned comic's 40-year career, one whose taboo-breaking humour incited as much controversy as it did laughter.

Filming starts this month in Northern Ireland on the hour-long drama.

Famous for telling jokes and spinning yarns on his trademark high stool, Allen's TV shows poked gentle fun at life in general and at Catholicism in particular.

Dave Allen At Peace will see Game of Thrones star Gillen perched on just such a stool, looking back on the significant moments of Allen's life.


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