STM nixes bloody ballet ad, says poster 'could incite violence'

STM nixes bloody ballet ad, says poster 'could incite violence'
From CBC - September 22, 2017

Montreal's public transit authority is refusing to let Les Grands Ballets Canadiens put up an advertisement in the city's Metrosystem for its upcoming show, saying the image could incite violence.

The poster depicts awoman in a blood-covered white outfit, with a nail protruding from her foot.

The image was inspired by the theme of the showStabatMater, which focuses on the "unbearable pain that a woman feels"following the loss of her child, said Les Grands Ballets.

"In the present case, it was found that the poster could incite violence, notably because of blood and the nail in the foot," said STM spokesperson Amlie Regisin an email, adding that Les Grands Ballets was invited to submit another image.

"It's important to understand that the STM transports a large and diverse public, and we are sensitive to this reality."

The image was rejected by the STM in late August after it was submitted bythe ad agency, Astral Out of Home, said Les Grands Ballets. Astral said that its other partners are running the ad.

Regis also cited theCanadian Code of Advertising Standards related to unacceptable depictions andportrayals as the reason behind the STM's decision.

Bloody image depicts amourning, suffering, pain'


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