Lin-Manuel Miranda, J.Lo, Luis Fonsi sing on Puerto Rico relief single

Lin-Manuel Miranda, J.Lo, Luis Fonsi sing on Puerto Rico relief single
From CBC - October 6, 2017

Hamiltoncreator Lin-Manuel Miranda released a new original song Friday to raise money for Puerto Rican hurricane relief and he's enlisted some of the biggest Latin stars in music to help.

Almost Like Prayingfeatures Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Camila Cabello, Gloria Estefan, Fat Joe, Luis Fonsi, John Leguizamo and Rita Moreno, among many others. All proceeds from the download and stream go to The Hispanic Federation's disaster relief fund.

"I was like every Puerto Rican with ties to the island, with family on the island. We all had a terrible few days of silence. For some, those days were weeks," Miranda told The Associated Press.

"For me, that helplessness turned into, `OK, well what can I write that will help? Can I write a tune that we can monetize?"'

Miranda said he made an a cappella demo in a bathroom in Austriawhere he was on vacationand sent it to Atlantic Records, enlisting help. The subsequent recording process took a breath-taking 72 hours and took him to studios in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami to link up with the music stars.

"Everyone said yes and then it became the logistics of getting everyone recorded," he said.

The song borrows from Maria,the classic song from Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim'sWest Side Storyand Miranda said the song popped into his head after the hurricane by the same name devastated Puerto Rico on Sept. 20.

The song's lyrics list all of the 78 towns of Puerto Rico. Miranda said he did not want inland and mountainous communities to be ignored as bigger cities get power and food.

"This song is designed so that those towns never feel forgotten again," he said. "I cannot wait for Puerto Ricans to hear Luis Fonsi sing the name of their town or J.Lo to sing the name of their town."

'Everyone cried'

One verse turned out to be exceedingly hard to get. Miranda reached out to the rapper PJ Sin Suela, but never heard back. Sin Suela finally answered on Saturday, saying he was on the island and had just gotten power. He offered to help and Miranda asked if there was a studio nearby where he could record a verse.

Por Puerto Rico hasta la luna... Gracias por contar conmigo brother.


'Everyone is doing their part. I have never seen such mobilizationin mylife.' - Lin-ManuelMiranda




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