'I know that voice': B.C. broadcasting giant Rafe Mair dead at 85

'I know that voice': B.C. broadcasting giant Rafe Mair dead at 85
From CBC - October 9, 2017

Longtime B.C. broadcaster and former Social Credit cabinet ministerRafeMairhas passed away at age 85.

His family told CBChe died on Monday morning.

A former political panelist on CBC's The Early Edition and CKNW radio host, Mair was best known for his provocativestyle. Hewas most passionate when talking and writing about the environment, politics and constitutional issues.

Generations of British Columbians knew his distinctive voiceand it drew attention everywhere he went, Mair's widow Wendy Conway Mair told CBC News.

"It did not seem to matter. Anywhere in the world where we would be, whether it be New Zealand or London in our hotel or downtown having dinner, somebody would say, 'I know that voice,' and then they would come over to our table," she said.

RafeMair retires from radio

A trained lawyer,Mairenteredpolitics in 1975 when he was elected MLA forKamloopsas a member ofthe B.C. Social Credit Party.

He served under Premier Bill Bennett in various cabinet posts until 1983, and was the British Columbianminister responsible for constitutional affairs during the lead up the thepatriationof the Canadian Constitution.

Former premier Bill Vander Zalmremembered Mair as a determined crusader during his time in the legislature.

"Rafe had a way of setting an objective, setting a goal and going there. Nothing stopped him. That probably presented a problem for him from time to time in politicsyou ca not always operate that way," VanderZalmsaid.



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