Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Others Come Forward With Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Harvey Weinstein

From TIME - October 10, 2017

Allegations against Harvey Weinstein continue to pile up. In new reports, three women say that the Hollywood producer sexually assaulted them, while Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie came forward with their own allegations of sexual harassment against the mogul.

The new claims hit Tuesday in two separate pieces by The New Yorker and the New York Times, coming just days after the Times' bombshell report on decades of sexual harassment allegations against the former co-chairman of the Weinstein Company and the founder of Miramax. Weinstein was fired from his role as co-chairman of the Weinstein Company. Actors Rosanna Arquette and Mira Sorvino have also come forward with their own sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein, while a number of celebrities who have previously worked with the mogul, including Meryl Streep and Judi Dench, have spoken out against his alleged behavior.

The New Yorker investigation, written by Ronan Farrow, includes the stories of two womenAsia Argento and Lucia Evanswho say that Weinstein forced oral sex on them, while an unnamed woman alleged that Weinstein forced himself on me sexually. Four others told The New Yorker that Weinstein touched them without their consent "that could be classified as an assault," according to The New Yorker. In total, 13 women, including actors Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette, told the magazine about allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct. The story also includes new audio from an NYPD sting operation in which Weinstein appears to admit to groping actor Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, who first came forward with allegations that the producer groped her in 2015.

Later on Tuesday, the New York Times published a new story in which Paltrow, Jolie and a number of others accused Weinstein of harassment.

The following women have accused Weinstein. A spokesperson for Weinstein issued similar statements to the New Yorker and the New York Times, denying the allegations of sexual assault. Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein obviously cant speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual. Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that, if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance," spokesperson Sallie Hofmeister said in the statement to The New Yorker.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actor and entrepreneur, who has starred in a number of Weinstein's films and won an Oscar for her role in Miramax's Shakespeare in Love, told the New York Times that after she was hired her to star in Emma, he asked her to meet at the Peninsula Hotel. Weinstein placed his hands on her and suggested they give each other massages, according to Paltrow. She said she refused his advances and he threatened her not to tell anyone else about the encounter (though she told her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt, who she says later confronted Weinstein.)

Angelina Jolie

In an email to the Times, the star said that she had a "bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth" and refused to work with him again. This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable," she said.

Asia Argento

In 1997, the then-21 year old actor, who appeared in Miramax's B Monkey, told The New Yorker that she was invited to a party being thrown by Miramax. But she was instead taken to a hotel room that was empty except for Weinstein. After she reluctantly agreed to give him a massage, she claims that he then began to perform oral sex on her without her consent. Argento said that Weinstein continued to contact her and that she eventually had consensual encounters with him over a period of five years.

Lucia Evans

After meeting Weinstein in 2004, Evans told The New Yorker that he would call her up at night to ask for meetings. Evans declined until he had his assistant schedule daytime meetings with Weinstein and a female casting executive. She said that at the meeting, he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Mira Sorvino

The actor, who won an Oscar for her role in Miramax's Mighty Aphrodite, told The New Yorker that she ended up in a hotel room with Weinstein at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival, where he gave her a massage and "then tried to get more physical." She left the room after telling him that she did not date married men. She said that Weinstein showed up at her apartment after midnight weeks later, but she got him to leave after telling him her boyfriend was on his way over.


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