'American Horror Story: Cult' Review: 'Mid-Western Assassin' Shoots Itself in the Foot

'American Horror Story: Cult' Review: 'Mid-Western Assassin' Shoots Itself in the Foot
From Slashfilm - October 11, 2017

(Every week, were going to get the discussion going aboutAmerican Horror Story: Cultby answering one important question: who is the main villain of the episode?)

American Horror Story: Cult took a turn in Episode 6 by giving Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson)anudge away from the victim role shes beenstuck in since the beginning of the season. Delving deeper into the inner-workings of Kai Andersons (Evan Peters) cult, Mid-Western Assassin, opens on a familiar scene: A mass shooting leaving many dead.This awful act of violence acts as the wraparound that bookends the episode, giving viewers a better understanding of Ivys (Alison Pill) involvementwith Kais cult and explores the role Meadow Wilton (Leslie Grossman) played in bringing his bizarre manifesto to life.

This Weeks Big Bad: Meadow Wilton

Meadow Wilton, much like her husband Harrison (Billy Eichner), was never to be trusted. Whenshe came to Ally for help, we got the impression that this would be Allys proverbial life jacket. Everyone else has let her down, after all, and here she is in this giant house without her wife or son to keep her sane.

Coming to Meadows rescue, finding her all tied up in a freshly dug grave, Ally and Meadow forged an unlikely partnership. And with Meadow admitting every little detailfrom the fake chem trucks to the fake protestors outside the Butchery to the cults overarching plan to make people paranoid, to soften them upit felt like the tide was making a welcome turn in Allys favor. But as were continuing to learn with American Horror Story: Cult,no ones a hero and everyone sucks.

While that opening act of violence left Ally standing with gun-in-hand, it was Meadow who pulled the actual trigger, taking all those lives, putting Kai in the hospital with a bullet in the leg.

Kai Anderson, Manipulator Extraordinaire

What would make Ivy betray her wife so easily? It couldnt simply be her disdain for Jill Stein, could it? Well, that was definitely part of it. And as Ally tried to wrap her head around how and why her wife would join Kais cult, pointing out that Ivy doesnt believe in anything, were given even more flashbacksbecause Ryan Murphy loves flashbacksto give some answers to these important questions.

What fills your dark heart with dread, Kai asked Ivy in their first pinky-to-pinky sitdown. Her initial reaction was to blame Trumps America for her general sense of malaise, but it goes much deeper than that. The thought of laying in bed next to my wife, Ivy said, pointing to a deep-seated disdain for her better half. Going all the way back to Ozs birth, its revealed that Ally regularly reminded Ivy that she was the boys real mother, nodding to Ivys inability to carry children of her own.

That was the foundation of Ivys resentmentreminding us of Winters (Billie Lourd) brief line of questioning to Oz in Election Night about who his real mother actually was. Combine that with Allysplethora of phobias and the powder keg was primed and ready. Jill Steins vote was the inevitable spark that blew everything up, leading Ivy to accept Kais assistance in a crazy plan: Make Ally go insane so no court would ever grant her custody of their child.

Ally Turns a Corner, Kinda

ThePersonality of Cult


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