Explore The Limits Of 'WWE2K18' Create-A-Superstar Mode By Watching Snake Man Take On Little Dad

From Uproxx - October 12, 2017

Last month, Bill Hanstock and I got the privilege of traveling up to Novato, California to visit 2K Games and take the brand new full build of WWE 2K18 for a spin. If the thrill of being two of the first people to play the completed game and create our own superstars in the loaded up create-a-superstar mode to square off one-on-one for WWE Bragging Rights wasnt enough, we got to do it in a building with Big Daddy and Little Sister statues in the lobby. Thats crazy. I wish their offices were underwater, or in the sky.

But yeah, heres part one of our two-part dive into the game, featuring our incredibly Freudian CAS choices. I made an enormous snake man and Bill made a little weird guy and named him Dad. I think we need to see a psychologist after this.


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