Twitter Roasts The Purported Russian Attempt To Use 'Pokemon Go' To Inflame Racial Tensions In The US

From Uproxx - October 13, 2017

*hears Pokemon Go / Russia news*
* immediately runs to Photoshop *
Andrew Wyrich (@AndrewWyrich) October 12, 2017

CNN broke the news Thursday that the Dont Shoot Us campaign against police brutality was a disinformation scheme hatched by Russia, possibly to make the Black Live Matter movement look bad and sow more racial discord in the US leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election. Even stranger, that meddling effort involved a promotion centered around the inexplicably popular app Pokemon Go, a game that is basically a trading rats for candy simulator. To summarize, Russian agents may have used Pokemon Go to try to somehow inflame racial hatred or resentment, because we are truly living in the stupidest of all timelines.

As for the dumb, dumb, so-very-dumb Russian meddling scheme, it doesnt seem to have accomplished much. They ran a contest promising Amazon gift cards to Pokemon players who caught pokemonsters near locations of alleged police brutality, named the pokemonster after the victim, and sent them a screencap. Niantic, makers of Pokemon Go, have pointed out that the game cannot be used to share information between users in the app so our platform was in no way being used. This contest required people to take screen shots from their phone and share over other social networks, not within our game. Niantic will consider our response as we learn more.


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