Watch Alec Baldwin Take on Trump's Spat With the NFL on SNL

From TIME - October 15, 2017

Saturday Night Live mocked Vice President Mike Pence's walk-out of an Indianapolis Colts game last week after players kneeled during the national anthem.

Since President Donald Trump tweeted that he had told Pence to leave the game if any protesting occurred, SNL ran with itshowing Trump, impersonated by Alec Baldwin, tell Pence, played by SNL actor Beck Bennett, to leave a variety of events.

The first was an Indiana Pacers game where, much like Pence's trip to the NFL last week, the vice president and his wife, Karen Pence, watched in the stands ahead of the game. In the clip, Pence receives a call from Trump, who is speaking at a rally in, as he calls it, "Harass-burg, Pennsylvania."

"They seem to be respectful. Waitone of them's kneeling," Bennett's Pence reports to Trump.

"Get out of there, Mike! Bail! Get yourhaul ass, Mike!" Baldwin's Trump responds.

Pence then goes to a Starbucks, where Trump calls him again to check in on whether the coffee chain's holiday cups say "Merry Christmas" on them. When Pence tells him it's not Christmas season yet, Trump suggests they should say "Merry Christmas" all year.


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