This Is When You Can Play Doom on the Nintendo Switch

From TIME - October 16, 2017

It was said to be incoming, and now we have the date: You can play studio id Software's 2016 splatter-fest Doom on the Nintendo Switch this November 10.

Bethesda just announced as much, along with a new developer video in which creative lead Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton pore over the Switch's features. In short, it's everything that shipped on the original platforms, plus all the downloadable content. It's all done smartly in question and answer format, and they even broach the one question I assume anyone who's played it on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and contemplating the portable version's playability might be asking: "How does Doom perform on the Nintendo Switch?"

"We knew we had a very scalable engine," says Stratton, noting id Software worked with studio Panic Button on the Switch port. "They basically took that and ran with it ... and really tailored the tech for that hardware without watering anything down." Stratton says that means all the "awesome features" found in the other versions are here, the chief compromise being a drop from 60 to 30 frames per second. "It's really remarkable and visually stunning," he adds. "We would not put it in people's hands if we were not proud of it and we did not think it was the best possible representation of Doom."


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