Crimewatch is axed by the BBC after 33 years

From BBC - October 17, 2017

Crimewatch, one of the BBC's longest-running shows, is being axed after 33 years.

The programme, which asks viewers for help to track down criminals, is hosted by Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley.

The BBC said in a statement: "We are incredibly proud of Crimewatch and the great work it has done over the years.

"This move will also allow us to create room for new innovative programmes in peak time on BBC One." Daytime show Crimewatch Roadshow will continue.

"We believe the successful Crimewatch Roadshow format in daytime is the best fit for the brand going forward and we will increase the number of episodes to make two series a year," the BBC said.

The Sun, which first broke the story, said ratings had suffered as it was scheduled against Cold Feet and Broadchurch.

Three episodes have aired this year - in February and March - watched by an average of almost three million viewers. That is down from 14 million who watched at its peak.

Previous Crimewatch presenters include Jill Dando, who was murdered in 1999 - with her own case being featured on the show.

Nick Ross, Sue Cook, Kirsty Young, Fiona Bruce and Rav Wilding have also hosted the programme.

Ross, speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, said: "I am amazed that it's gone on for so long. And it's a tribute to the team they have kept it going.

"When it started, it was revolutionary. Up to that point, television and radio basically talked at the audience. There was no internet, very few phone-ins, this was a programme where the audience could talk back and could actually influence the end of the programme.

"This sort of revolutionary thing then had a huge impact on television generally and has kept going for 33 years despite all the changes in technology."


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