A Tribe Called Red founder Ian Campeau leaves group

A Tribe Called Red founder Ian Campeau leaves group
From CBC - October 18, 2017

One of the founders of Juno-winning Indigenous electronic music group A Tribe Called Red announced Wednesday he'sleaving.

Ian Campeau, who performs as Deejay NDN, said on social media one of the reasonshe's stepping aside is for his health..

"These past few years, I have spoken about how touring was difficult and triggering my anxiety and depression," he said in the post.

"This is the healthier choice for me."

*Major life announcement*


Campeaualso said he'd grown apart from his bandmates.

"This caused tension between us and created a toxic environment to a point I did not feel comfortable in that working environment anymore," he said.

Campeau said he wants to focus onadvocacy, something he and his bandmates have done both with their music and in the media.

Band wishes him well



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