Solange Knowles tells magazine 'don't touch my hair'

Solange Knowles tells magazine 'don't touch my hair'
From BBC - October 20, 2017

Solange Knowles has told a magazine "do not touch my hair"- after it appeared to digitally remove some of her braids on its front cover.

The singer's elaborate hairstyle seems to have been altered on the front of the Evening Standard Magazine.

Solange posted an original version of the image on Instagram, with the caption "dtmh (do not touch my hair) @eveningstandardmagazine".

The Evening Standard has been contacted for comment.

Do not Touch My Hair is a song from Solange's album A Seat at the Table.

In an interview last year, she explained how she believes hair is "incredibly spiritual, and, energetically, it really encompasses and expresses who we are".

"The song is as much as what it feels like to have your whole identity challenged on a daily basis, although physically touching the hair is extremely problematic!"

In a series of Instagram stories - which only last for 24 hours - Solange elaborated on the Evening Standard front cover controversy.


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