Why This Tom Petty Album Is Selling for More Than $1,000

From TIME - October 23, 2017

It's no secret that when rock icons like David Bowie, Prince or Chris Cornell die, their album sales see an immediate bump.

Tom Petty is no exception: Less than two days after the singer died from cardiac arrest on Oct. 2, his album and digital song sales spiked a whopping 6,781%, Billboard reports.

Used vinyl sales are harder to track. Like most secondhand purchases, they make for difficult inventory, but if online sales are any indication, one LP is going absolutely gangbusters. But its probably not the one youre thinking of.

Wildflowers, Pettys second album sans the Heartbreakers, is fetching prices ranging from $1,000 to $1300 for a sealed one on sites like Amazon and eBay. And the price is still rising.

A cheaper, slightly banged up version, is currently available on Discogs for $600.00.

So why can you can grab Full Moon Fever, the 1989 mega hit with "Free Fallin," a song you have no doubt blasted at full volume, for about $22, and that not-as-popular Wildflowers, released five years later, worth so much more?


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