New harassment claims against Game Change journalist Mark Halperin

New harassment claims against Game Change journalist Mark Halperin
From CBC - October 28, 2017

CNN reported Friday that four more women have leveled allegations of sexual harassment against journalist Mark Halperin.

The news channel said that one woman claimed Halperin masturbated in her presence after she went to his ABC News office to seek advice from him about her career at the news division, where she was a desk assistant.

CNN said a second woman alleged that the Game Changeco-author threw her against a restaurant window and threatened to derail her career after she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her.

Power differential

The woman, who told CNN she met Halperin when she was interning at the White House, said he called her shortly after the encounter and warned that she'd never be hired in media or politics.

The four women, who were not identified in the CNN report, said the encounters took place between the late 1980s and 2006, during which time Halperin worked at ABC News in influential positions including political director.

CNN said that Halperin denied that he masturbated in front of anyone or physically assaulted or threatened anyone.

The two other women included in CNN's report: One who worked as a desk assistant at ABC News and who claimed Halperin forced her into a kiss, and an intern who said he squeezed into a small footage-reviewing booth with her and became visibly aroused.

Apology and suspension


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