The Stranger Things Season Two Ending Explained

The Stranger Things Season Two Ending Explained
From TIME - October 27, 2017

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 2 of Stranger Things.

Now that we have tunneled our way through Stranger Things season 2, we know a lot more about the show's mysteries. The nine-episode arc left the story open to more ways the Duffer brothers could pump up the excitement factor in Hawkins, Ind. But the Stranger Things season 2 ending also left fans with plenty of new questions.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) closing the gate in the Stranger Things season 2 finale brought a comforting end to the passageway through which the monster and its soldiers could stage a Hawkins takeover. But it may not last long. The Stranger Things ending scene with the monster hovering above The Upside Down version of the school laid the groundwork for a future where the monster is still determined to get Hawkins.

What happened in the Stranger Things season 2 finale episode titled "Chapter 9: The Gate"? Let's review with a rundown starting from the beginning.

Eleven Finally Reunites with Mike, Dustin and Lucas at Joyce Byers' House

The episode opens at the Byers house where Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven are finally reunited, and they learn that for all those 353 days they were apart, she heard every one of his walkie talkie calls, even if Hopper (David Harbour) would not let her respond.

Pretty much everyone including Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) gets a hug from Eleven except Max (Sadie Sink). Eleven also checks in on Will (Noah Schnapp). Status update: he's screwed.

Billy Meets Mike's Mom and It's Weird

It's an intense time for all, which brings us to the comic relief portion of the evening raining down on us like a delicious Halloween candy topped Eggo tower. Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono) is taking a bubble bath, reading Heart of Thunder when Billy (Dacre Montgomery) arrives in search of his sister. Hello, softer side of Billy! Well, at least he pretends for us as he lays down the charm. She gives him directions to the Byers' house.

At the Byers House, Joyce Comes Up With a Plan To Get the Monster Out of Will

Eleven, whose telekinetic powers are growing ever stronger, assures Hopper she can close the gate. But theres a catch. Mike points out that closing the gate with its strong electromagnetic field will also kill the mind flayers army, and Will along with it because the monster is inhabiting him. Sounds like a job for Joyce, who has an idea. Burn it out of him, because the monster that hijacked Joyce's boy likes the cold.

Nancy Is Done With Steve and Has Moved Onto Jonathan

Nancy and Steve catch up outside the Byers house where Steve (Joe Keery) tells Nancy he's accepted his official new role as the best babysitter in Hawkins, and he acts like he's accepted that Nancy (Natalia Dyer) wants to be with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton).

Chief Jim Hopper and Eleven Share a Cathartic Car Ride to Hawkins Lab

En route to the lab that ruined her whole childhood, Eleven and her much cooler new father figure Hopper talk regrets. She shares that she made contact with momma." Comfortingly, he reveals he thinks he's a black hole that sucks everything toward it and destroys it.

We also learn that Hopper never told Eleven about his daughter, Sara. "She left us," he says. "The black hole. It got her, he adds leaving us in the dark about what actually happened. Eleven opts not to tell him about reuniting with Kali (Linnea Berthelsen), but on the plus side, her new punk rock look is Hopper-approved. Bonus round: Hopper learns a cool new word about her aesthetics: b-tchin'.

At the Byers House, Steve, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max Come Up With a Plan to Help Eleven

Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Max figure out they canat least temporarilylure the Demodogs away from the gate by entering the underground tunnel system that seems to connect the lab to points throughout town. Doing this might help Eleven close the gate more safely. Steve hates the idea of this risky field trip, and communicates this to the geeks with an ill-advised sports analogy. Seriously Steve, know your audience.

Billy Fights Lucas and Steve at Will and Joyce Byers' House

Before they can leave, they have to deal with Billy who roars over to the Byers house where he pins Lucas with the same violent move his own father used on him. He also grapples with Steve while laughing maniacally. Lucas gets him in the groin and Steve gets a few punches in, but Billy really lets Steve have it until Max sedates him with an injection into his neck. She then issues an ultimatum with Steves now iconic bathe is to leave her friends alone. Billy looks forlorn when we see him in the coda but he's likely not done making misery for everyone. Except for Karen Wheeler! She loves this guy.

Steve, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max Pull Off a Disruption Move in the Tunnel Under the Pumpkin Patch

The Monster Virus Finally Leaves Will at the Cabin

Obstacles for the Kids in the Tunnel

Eleven Closes the Gate

Barb's Funeral

Chief Jim Hopper Is Still Working With Dr. Owens

Everyone at the Snow Ball Wins Except Poor Bob

The Flame Between Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper Is Rekindled With a Cigarette

But the Monster Looms Over the Middle School in the Upside Down Proving It Still Has it Out for Hawkins


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