The Opening Scene of Thor: Ragnarok Is Kind of Confusing. Here's What's Going On

From TIME - November 3, 2017

In the opening minutes of Thor: Ragnarok we meet a not-so-friendly fire monster who informs us that he plans to destroy Thors homeland of Asgard in an event called Ragnarok. For those unfamiliar with the Thor comicsor Norse mythologythis villains brief introduction is a bit confusing. So who is this fiery fellow and what, exactly, does Ragnarok mean?

The giant fire monster is named Surtur, and he is one of the classic villains from the Thor comics. As you might guess from his visage, hes the god of flame. Hes also bound up in a rather bleak prophesy for Asgard.

In both Norse mythology and the Marvel comic books, there is a prophesy that a great battle, instigated by Thors brother Loki, will bring about Asgards apocalypse. Surtur is said to be involved in this destruction. The cataclysmic event is known as Ragnarok.


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