Let's Discuss the New Taylor Swift Song Titles off Her Complete Reputation Track List

From TIME - November 8, 2017

The biggest item of note is her one track with featured artists: End Game includes her friend Ed Sheeran and rapper Future, an unexpected collaboration across genres. Below, find the full list, with our conjecture and commentary.

1. Ready For It?: This makes sense as an album opener. And were here. Weve accepted the new Taylor. Were ready. Go on, Swift.

2. End Game (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future): While Sheeran and Swift have a long history togetherand both share a radio-friendly pop style with acoustic roots, making them a natural match for collaborationthe addition of Future on this track adds a serious twist. Swift has worked with rappers before, namely Kendrick Lamar on her hit Bad Blood off 1989. Sheeran has proved himself quite capable of spitting bars. And Swifts singing on songs like Look What You Made Me Do veer in the rap direction. So maybe its not such a far reach.

3. I Did Something Bad: Could Swift be referencing some headlines about her feuds? Or will this song explore something else entirely?

4. Dont Blame Me: Never mind. Swift does not seem to be in the mood to get saddled with drama, as this phrase suggests. She is not part of this narrative. Or any other narrative, perhaps, assuming we take the title at face value.

5. Delicate: This song could go in a number of ways. Relationships, for instance, are delicate; they dont always stand the test of time. Swifts love life is under the harsh light of the paparazzis flashing cameras. Swift herself, despite her fame and power, is still a real-life human who can feel pain; she even won her case against a DJ for allegedly assaulting her.

6. Look What You Made Me Do: In brief: Look What You Made Me Do is a catchy clapback to Swifts detractors over the course of her year, announcing her return and a new era forthcoming. But here, a lengthier dive into the many references.

7. So It Goes: Hard to say if this is a riff on Billy Joels timeless And So It Goes lullaby tune, but the title at least suggests that this track will show Swift resigning herself to the path shes on. (Shes also got a thing for the ellipsis in this new era.)


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