Kevin Spacey to be erased from upcoming film

Kevin Spacey to be erased from upcoming film
From CBC - November 8, 2017

The director and producers of the completed but unreleased Hollywood film All the Money in the Worldhave chosen to remove Kevin Spacey from the movie, recast his role and reshoot his scenes following sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.

The extraordinary measure to erase a leading actor from a completed major studio picture and reconstruct the film without him was reported by three major Hollywood trade publicationsVariety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood.

A source close to the distributor of the film, Sony Pictures, told Reuters the accounts were accurate.

Spacey will be replaced by veteran actor Christopher Plummer in the role of the late U.S. oil tycoon, Jean Paul Getty, in the Ridley Scott-directed drama about the 1973 kidnapping of his then teenage grandson, John Paul Getty III, the three publications reported.

Film opens Dec. 22

Sony Pictures also withdrew the movie from the American Film Institute's annual festival in Los Angeles on Nov. 16. The film is expected to open on Dec. 22, Variety reported.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, who also star in the movie, are expected to be involved with the reshoots.

Sources told Variety that Spacey shot about two weeks' worth of footage and that there are many scenes where Getty is the only character.

Netflix film will not be released


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