Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Can't Stop Spitting on Each for a Good Reason

From TIME - November 9, 2017

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have long been a top-notch comedy duo, ever since the two appeared in adjacent time slots on Comedy Central back in the heyday of Stewarts Daily Show and Colberts Report. And while both have moved onColbert to his Late Show and Stewart to a well-earned retirement of sortsthey havent quite finished making cameos in each others TV gigs.

That was the case Wednesday night, when a very casual Stewart literally popped up from under Colberts desk during his show, eating a pudding. (Why not?) Stewart is doing the rounds to promote the upcoming Night of Too Many Stars, a charity TV event on HBO co-hosted by everyone from Chris Rock to John Oliver, Ellie Kemper and, yes, Colbert as well. Theyre raising money for an autism fund through Omazeand offering intriguing prizes.

One lucky winner is going to spend an entire episode of the Late Show under your desk, Stewart explained to Colbert of what to expect. (The winner also will be joined under the desk by Jon Stewart for a whole segment, and get to deliver one of Colberts punchlines during the taping.)


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