'Justice League' Early Buzz: This Movie is Pretty Fun and Okay!

'Justice League' Early Buzz: This Movie is Pretty Fun and Okay!
From Slashfilm - November 10, 2017

After an aborted attempt at a Justice League movie from Mad Max helmer George Miller back in 2007, andthe subsequent formulation of an entire cinematic universe with films like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman,were finally only a few calendar days away from the release of a real and completed live-action Justice League film.

Critics have had a love-hate relationship with the recent slate of DC movies (admittedly leaning a bit moretoward hate than love), butnow the first batch of social media reactions to Justice League have hit the web. So whats the verdict? Is this more of the same, or is DC on the right track? Read the Justice League early buzz below.

Our own Peter Sciretta was one of the writers able to see Justice League early and his reaction sums up the general consensusits pretty good! Its okay! Its a fun time at the movies and a step in the right direction for the DC movie universe.

Justice League is better than expected, but not a home run. The interaction between the team is a lot of fun. The film sends the DCEU in a hopeful direction in line with where the brand should be headed. Flash and Aquaman steal the show. Cyborg and villain are the weak links.

Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) November 10, 2017

Sometimes its very obvious, other times its not. Still feels like a Snyder movie with Whedon touches

Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) November 10, 2017

I actually was one of the few who LOVED man of steel, so for me, no. Its definitely better than BvS and Suicide Squad.

Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) November 10, 2017

Its also worth noting how much Justice League feels like a superhero cartoon or an actual comic book run. Its messy and fun but weird in that way.

Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) November 10, 2017

Overall, the early reactions have been mixed-to-positive, with only a handful of writers labeling the film as a total, unmitigated disaster. Although some people seem to trulylovethe film, a number of people think its a good time at the movies and something totally worth seeing (provided that you already like superhero movies).

However, it should be noted that those who didnt like itreallydidnt like it, even calling out Henry Cavills digitally removed mustache as a problem!

#JusticeLeague is better than BvS and #SuicideSquadit's lean, mean & packed w/ superhero action. I dug most of its lighter moments & I think it has one of the best action sequences ever in a DCEU movie. And of course Wonder Woman steals the show.

ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) November 10, 2017

I think if you are going to a #JusticeLeague movie to see all your favorite DC heroes rocking their skills & being the badasses you love, then you will get plenty of that. Lots of action. Lots of superheroes being superheroes.

ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) November 10, 2017

SO I saw #JusticeLeague -twice. Still under embargo, but: This is a fun superhero flick. Funny but still hero adventure. Reminds me of JL Unlimited ep. Likable interaction amongst recognizable heroes. There is a villain problem (no worse than Marvel's)@aaronsagers

SYFY WIRE (@SyfyWire) November 10, 2017

#JusticeLeague was good & very fun. Its going to be popular w/audiences, not only fans but mainstream viewers & families.

Mark Hughes (@markhughesfilms) November 10, 2017

#JusticeLeague is solid entertainment despite some problems. They pulled off a strange alchemy that works better than it should. The story is lacking, but the League is great and its a blast to watch them in action together. Wonder Woman is clutch, obvi.

Haleigh Foutch (@HaleighFoutch) November 10, 2017

Here it goes#JusticeLeague is super thin and has some very weak CG but its got heart and a positive vibe that works. Overall, I had a pretty good time and am looking forward to seeing more of these characters.

Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) November 10, 2017

People that have complained about DC movies being too dark are about to see the light #JusticeLeague

Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) November 10, 2017

I have a lot to say about Justice League but will wait till its released to really get into it. But two important things to know: stay till the very end of the credits and Jason Momoa (@PrideofGypsies) is awesome as Aquaman.

Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) November 10, 2017

I saw #JusticeLeague! Heres what I thought. There are ton of things Id change but it comes down to this: I had a blast! I got to see the team together and I had fun watching it. Ezra Miller steals the movie and #WonderWoman was perfect!

Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch) November 10, 2017

#JusticeLeague is fine. It's more coherent & less idiosyncratic than Batman v Superman (which I loved, so make of that what you will), and tries very hard to lighten up on the gloom & doom of the DC universe. There are jokes and everything!

Angie J. Han (@ajhan) November 10, 2017

#JusticeLeague is a fun, bumpy ride that succeeds in character, but fails in narrative. Its a mixed bag of execution thats saved by the actors, who rise above the shortcomings to deliver an engaging, funny and hopeful, yet flawed, entry to the DCEU. @joblocom

Paul Shirey (@arcticninjapaul) November 10, 2017

I? have seen the film twice and I? already bought tickets to see it again. That should tell you all you need to know about whether or not you should see it in theaters. #JusticeLeague @joblocom


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