New comedy festival creates splash, but no word on space for Anglo comics

New comedy festival creates splash, but no word on space for Anglo comics
From CBC - November 14, 2017

The comedy festival planned by a group of 50influential Quebec comedianswishing to distance themselves from Juste pour rire/Just For Laughsis already receiving support from variouslevels of government and sponsors.

Eleven comedians were on Radio-Canada's popular talk show Tout le monde en parleSunday,less than a week after the group banded together in response to thesexual assault allegations against Just for Laughs founder GilbertRozon

Quebec's minister of economy, Dominique Anglade, appeared alongside the group.

Shesaid the provincial government plans to back the new festival, once it comes up with a business plan.

Organizers are moving quickly: theFestival du riredeMontralis already incorporated. Monday, theymetFederal Heritage Minister Mlanie Joly and, Tuesday, they areplanning to meet officials fromthe City of Montreal.

'We have a responsibility to accompany them,' says Anglade

Angladesaid on Tout le monde en parle that she contactedthe group as soon asshe heard about the planbecause she wanted to be proactive.

"We ca not see a group of people mobilize and be interested in doing something together and stay passive as a government," Angladesaid.

"We have a responsibility to accompany them."

Martin Petit, the Quebec comic who's been leading the initiative, said the festival is adopting a co-operative model that aims to be more inclusive and welcoming to female comedians, as well as to thenew generation of young comics.

Desjardins Group has also pledged its involvement.

Petit said he felt betrayed when he heardabout the allegations against his old boss, Rozon, to whom he'd spoken on the phone just three weeks prior.

"He always finished his phone conversations by saying, 'Thank you, Martin, for your trust,'" Petit said on the show. Rozonwas a producer on Petit's show on Radio-Canada,Les pcheurs.

Notary Paul Larocque, former mayor of Bois-des-Filion,is the fledgling festival's interim director general.

Anglo comic got start at Just for Laughs


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