From disguises to bad manners: How celebs avoid being pestered in public

From BBC - December 1, 2017

Star Wars' Mark Hamill uses "the old wheelchair trick" while Jennifer Lawrence is "incredibly rude" - odd as this sounds, they are revealing how they avoid being pestered in public.

Hamill recently tweeted how he hopped into a wheelchair at an airport to "avoid autograph $alesmen/Dealer$ who constantly badger me (and my family) to increase value of their items".

Hunger Games star Lawrence, who refuses selfies with fans, said: "I just, generally, once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude - that's kind of like my only way of defending myself."

They are not the only ones.

While celebs often look like they are lapping up all the attention, it's usually because they are promoting something.

But when they want to go out incognito, unwanted advances from the public can be downright intrusive if they are not in the mood.

It's all too easy to to take a photo of a celeb and post it on social media, and of course this is what many stars want to avoid.

Justin Bieber has been known to go shopping in a gas mask - maybe not the best way to avoid attention -while the Kardashians went for full prosthetics and wigs.

Naturally they filmed it for their show, but Kylie Jenner said: "I ca not remember what it's like to go out and nobody know who I am."

Khloe transformed into a old lady while her sisters became her granddaughters, with Kendall in a frizzy wig and fake pregnancy bump and Kylie in glasses and a dark wig.

Katy Perry did not fancy hours in the make-up chair so she tried a bizarre disguise at an airport.

Baseball hat and dark glasses. Check.

But a doughnut pillow? Yes indeed.

Not surprisingly she was spotted and eventually agreed to sign some autographs.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint went for an interesting way of covering up with a duck mask at a music festival.


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