'#WarGames' Takes A Cue From 'Mr. Robot' In Its First Trailer

From Uproxx - December 6, 2017

Well before the internet was everywhere, WarGames enthralled nerds across the world as the fate of the free world rested in the hands of Matthew Broderick. But the world has changed, quite a bit, since 1983, and so, it turns out, has the highly advanced supercomputer that cant tell game from reality. Now instead of nukes, WOPR is looking at your credit card!

The game is a mix of video and interactive story, similar to the award-winning Her Story, from the same creator, Sam Barlow. Her Story, which is worth a visit if you havent played it, puts you in the role of a detective in the early 90s piecing together why a man went missing from interviews with his wife, with the goal of figuring out the questions being asked from the answers. Its a fairly compelling game in its own right, and mixing it with a Mr. Robot-esque plotline of data breaches and hacking should make for a nice update.


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