Greta Gerwig on Lady Bird's perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

From BBC - December 7, 2017

"It's astonishing, it really is. I have nothing to say to it that's eloquent - it's amazing."

That's Greta Gerwig's reaction to Lady Bird, her directorial debut, getting a 100% score on reviews site Rotten Tomatoes - making it the most well-reviewed film in the site's history.

Not that she reads reviews when she has a film out (her acting credits include Frances Ha, Jackie and No Strings Attached), saying to do so is "a little terrifying".

She is aware, though, that Lady Bird, which stars Saoirse Ronan as a teenager navigating her final year of high school in Sacramento, has been widely praised.

'Just lovely'

"The fact is, we put so much love into it, everybody who made it," she tells the BBC.

"There's such a feeling of pouring your heart and soul into it - from the actors to the crew, to the creative team, and it feels to get that back from the audiences and the critics.

"It's what you hope happens, but you would never expect it to happen."

Gerwig says the positive reviews make her worry people will get inflated expectations for the film, but adds: "At the same time, it is also a movie - it's not a rocket ship to the moon! But mostly, it's just lovely."

The 34-year-old has previously co-written screenplays including Mistress America and Frances Ha, in which she also starred. More recently she's been seen in the Oscar-nominated films Jackie and 20th Century Women.

"I always wanted to be a director, but I did not go to film school," she says. "I used all the time on set as an actor, and also a co-writer and producer - that's my film school. It was a sort of cobbled together over 10 years of working in movies."

She says she was nervous about showing the film to Ronan and co-star Laurie Metcalf who, as mother and daughter, portray the film's central relationship.

'Great female directors'


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