Trevor Noah Had Jokes About President Donald Trump's Word Flub

From TIME - December 7, 2017

During a White House press conference this week, President Trump announced a landmark change in U.S. foreign policy to Israel: recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city, to the chagrin of critics.

But thats not all there was to this afternoons announcement, noted Daily Show host Trevor Noah about Trumps policy change. Because as disturbing as it was today to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trumps teeth and his tongue.

Noah then played a clip of Trump seeming to have an odd verbal tic with some of his words, including United States.

Hes slurring and stumbling over the words. He sounds like he just had a drink with Bill Cosby, Noah joked. But we all know whats going on here. President Trump is wearing dentures, people. This used to happen to my grandfather all the time. His dentures would start falling out, and he wouldnt be able to finish his sentence.


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