I'm a Celebrity: Iain Lee's friend slams the 'sniping' from grown men

I'm a Celebrity: Iain Lee's friend slams the 'sniping' from grown men
From BBC - December 7, 2017

Iain Lee's friend says it's "awful to watch the sniping and backstabbing from grown men" on I am a Celebrity.

Katherine Boyle, who works with him on his radio show, is referring to the way he's being treated by Jamie Lomas, Amir Khan and Dennis Wise.

It ramped up on last night's ITV show when Dennis told Iain he should not do the Bushtucker trial because he "ca not do it".

Fans of the show have said the behaviour amounts to "bullying".

Dennis' comments came after Iain made it known he was keen to tackle Tutankha-Doom.

Jamie was also up for it and just assumed he'd do it before Stanley Johnson chipped in saying they should discuss it.

As Iain put his case forward, Dennis jumped in and told him: "My only problem Iain is you have said 'Get me out of here' twice and what we do not want to do is have no dinner."

"Ok, but I have also got 11 stars on one," Iain replied.

Made in Chelsea's Toff tried to stick up for Iain, saying: "But people do overcome fears you know."

Dennis continued on at Iain who replied: "I get it, you do not want me to do it, I will withdraw my offer."

The exchange between the two lasted more than four minutes.


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