Danny Boyle and Banksy's 'Alternativity' to be on BBC Two

From BBC - December 12, 2017

Director Danny Boyle has teamed up with Banksy to stage an alternative nativity play at the artist's Bethlehem hotel.

The Alternativity was staged in the car park of the elusive artist's Walled Off Hotel, and the process was filmed for a BBC Two documentary.

A video on the hotel's Facebook page showed local children singing Jingle Bells amid a flurry of fake snow.

BBC Two controller Patrick Holland said the programme would show "a challenging and provocative" version of the story.

The BBC said the Oscar-winning film-maker accepted Banksy's challenge to stage the performance, despite not having met him.

The anonymous street artist opened The Walled Off Hotel in March, boasting the "worst view in the world" - next to the controversial barrier Israel has built in and around the occupied West Bank.

The documentary about the performance will be screened on BBC Two on Sunday and is said to follow Boyle overcoming the "many restrictions" to find a cast, crew and local children, and put together the show in six weeks.

The performance took place on 3 December and was co-directed by Bethlehem-based Riham Isaac. Another video shows local children singing in Arabic while rehearsing.

Banksy created a promotional image for the documentary showing a drone watching over the nativity scene.


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