5 Disney-Fox crossovers we'd love to see

5 Disney-Fox crossovers we'd love to see
From CBC - December 14, 2017

Sure, Disney buying the lion's shareof 21st Century Foxrepresents an unprecedented and, for some,worrying consolidation of blockbuster brands under a single entity. The gloved hand of Mickey Mouse will soon hold everything from Avatar to The X-Files.

It's a massive move,with earth-shaking consequences for the industry, but just think of the creative possibilities.

Here's a wish list of five projects we'd like to see if the Disney-Fox deal goes through.

The Avengers vs. The X-Men

Those marvellous mutants facing off against the Avengers has been the stuff of comic-book dreams since Stan Lee first created the X-Men. Until now, seeing the Fox-controlled mutants making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have been impossible.But now, couldthey represent the next phase of the MCUfollowing2018's Avengers: Infinity War?

Just imagine the possibilities:Rogue versus Thor.Magneto the Master of Magnetism versus Iron Man.Captain America and Professor X,speechifying at each other.

Deadpool&Jack Sparrow: The Quest for the Lost Burrito

One of the concerns about the deal is what will happen to some of Fox's edgier properties.While the film studio's track record on itsX-Men franchise has been uneven, Logan and Deadpooldemonstrated there was a significantaudience forR-rated comic characters.

But with Disney looking to stock its new online streaming platform, will the Mercwith a Mouthbe muzzled? Or will the Mouse House let Deadpool remain funny... and filthy?

There'd be no better way to put Disney to the test than with a Deadpool/Pirates of the Caribbeancrossover.The Pirates franchise has been teetering dangerously foryears now. Plus: whoever heard of a pirate that does not curse?

The Simpsonsmeet DuckTales

Hulk vs. Wolverine

Aliens vs. Boba Fett


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