White vans turned into muddy masterpieces

White vans turned into muddy masterpieces
From BBC - January 9, 2018

Gas engineer James Gibson spends up to four hours creating mud masterpieces on dirty white vans.

His artwork on vans he uses for work in Harwich, Essex, features boxers, musicians, films and tributes.

"You just have to keep stepping back, looking at it and taking a bit off.

"It does not take much for it to go out of shape and when it's supposed to look like someone it's so difficult to get the features in the correct place".


James said he drew Stormzy after being asked to by his daughter.

"He retweeted it with the comment "Mad!!" and I was quite honoured to be honest.

"And he was not offended by it in case he thought it was rubbish."

"The quickest one I did took about two hours.

"Because it was soldiers in a trench, viewed from the back, there were no faces it was an easy image to reproduce."

James says he uses his fingers, his daughter's make up sponges, old bits of cardboard and toothpicks to create his artwork.

"Hopefully it's a dry enough day without too much moisture in the air, otherwise you pull too much dirt off.

"I have been doing it for just over a year and I have done around eight.


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