Ronan Farrow Says His 'Family Background Helped' Him Understand 'Abuse of Power'

From TIME - January 10, 2018

Ronan Farrow is opening up about how his early family experience has galvanized him to take on abuse of power.

The journalist is featured on the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter where he gives insight into his in-depth coverage of the Harvey Weinstein scandal for the New Yorkerand how having Woody Allen as his father has shaped his life.

You see early in life with that kind of a family background the way in which the most powerful men in America wield power for good and for ill, said Farrow, who is also actress Mia Farrows son. And probably, yes, the family background made me someone who understood the abuse of power from an early age.

Allen has come under fire again after the wake of sexual harassment and abuse scandals against several prominent figures has racked Hollywood due to daughter Dylan Farrows claim that Allen molested her when she was 7. The director has long denied the allegations, which first surfaced during Allens explosive 1992 split with Mia Farrow. Allen was not charged, though a Connecticut prosecutor said there was enough evidence for a criminal case. In 2014, Dylan detailed her allegations in a New York Times op-ed.


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