Ofcom to assess plans for new BBC Scotland channel

From BBC - January 11, 2018

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom has said the BBC's plans for a new TV channel for Scotland have the potential to harm "fair and effective" competition.

The watchdog said it needed to make a full assessment of the plans before deciding whether to give approval.

The BBC announced proposals in February 2017 for the new channel, which was expected to begin broadcasting in the autumn of 2018.

Ofcom said it would publish its final decision by 11 July.

The BBC published plans for the channel, to be called BBC Scotland, in November. They included:

It is proposed that the new channel will take the place currently occupied by BBC Four on electronic programme guides in Scotland.

The corporation's own governing board found that the channel passed its Public Interest Test.

However, the regulator described the BBC's plans as a "material change" in the public services offered.


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