Hugh Grant Was Never Too Keen on That Beloved Love Actually Dance Scene

From TIME - January 12, 2018

Hugh Grant is one of our most iconic rom-com leads, often playing a dashingbut haplessBritish suitor.

In perennial favorite Love Actually, he achieved perhaps the pinnacle of the form, even going so far as to very winningly dance through the halls of his residence at 10 Downing Street (also known as the prime ministers home) to the tune of the Pointer Sisters Jump (For My Love). The spring in his step is all due to love, of course.

But it turns out that the actor wasnt actually very keen to get his groove on.

I never understood it technically. I kept saying to Richard [Curtis, the director of Love Actually] Okay look, I got the radio on in my bedroom and Im dancing, fine, but then I start to dance through the whole 10 Downing Street. Wheres the music coming from, and how does it cut off at the end? he reminisced during a new episode of The Jess Cagle Interview with PEOPLE editor Jess Cagle.


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