9 highlights from Celebrity Big Brother so far

From BBC - January 13, 2018

We have had tears. We have had tantrums.

Celebrity Big Brother has proved to be just the kind of guilty pleasure-TV that cosy January nights in were made for.

This year's house started out with all-female housemates, a move Channel 5 said was to celebrate the centenary of women over 30 being given the vote.

But it was not long before they were joined by a few men - including Boyzone's Shane Lynch, dancer Wayne Sleep and Love Island's Jonny Mitchell.

In the interests of taste and decency, there are a few moments which we sadly ca not bring you in this highlights round-up, such as Rachel Johnson's dance moves, Courtney Act's apparent wardrobe malfunction and a conversation about drag queens and "tucking".

But for those who need to catch up on the series, here's a quick round-up of some of the other water cooler moments so far:

1. Andrew Brady as a drag queen

We are not sure what Lord Sugar would have made of Betty Swollocks.

But former Apprentice candidate Andrew Brady's drag alter-ego sure made for some entertaining television.

Sadly, India did not think so, sitting in silence and generally looking scared as a result of her apparent phobia of drag queens.

(Naturally, Twitter was quick to dredge up several historic photos of India with drag queens.)

2. Ann saying Meghan Markle is "trouble"

You may have heard about Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle in November - the pair are due to marry on 19 May.

But, in a conversation about the couple, Ann Widdecombe said she did not like Markle's "background" or "attitude".

"I worry. I add it all up and I am uneasy," she added.

But she faced a backlash from viewers, who were quick to jump to Markle's defence.

3. Shane paying tribute to his former bandmate Stephen Gateley

Viewers took to social media to say they were tearing up shortly after Shane Lynch discussed the death of his former bandmate Stephen Gately in 2009.

"There will always be five [members of Boyzone]," Shane said. "Regardless of what you see, he will always be there."

4. The debate about the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal

The string of allegations against entertainment figures such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey in recent months sparked discussion among the female contestants on the first evening in the house.

Ann and Amanda Barrie were firmly of the opinion that actresses could simply choose to decline if propositioned by a powerful Hollywood figure.

But Rachel, Malika Haqq and Jess Impiazzi said many stars, particularly when they are young and less famous, feel under intense pressure in such situations.

5. India discussing gender reassignment surgery


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