After Logan Paul 'suicide video' YouTube denies it should be regulated

From BBC - January 21, 2018

YouTube has denied its content should be regulated in a way similar to traditional broadcasters.

Speaking to Newsbeat, the platform's chief business officer says the site is "different" and does not have the same "editorial hand" broadcasters have.

The Google-owned company is about to launch its first original UK-based production on its ad-supported platform, fronted by Jack Whitehall.

It will be produced by James Corden and the team behind his US talk show.

YouTube's Robert Kyncl has insisted in a rare interview: "We are not content creators; we are a platform that distributes the content".

There were calls for YouTube to be regulated after a vlog by Logan Paul - one of its biggest stars - showed the body of a man who appeared to have killed himself.

The upload broke YouTube's community guidelines and the company says it's putting in measures to ensure a video like that is never uploaded again.

In the UK, licensed broadcasters have to stick to rules set by the regulator Ofcom, but YouTube insists it's an open platform.

"It does not absolve us of responsibility, we actually take that very seriously," Kyncl says.

"The steps we are taking are not steps any government is asking us to do, these are the steps we are choosing to do because we believe that is the right thing to do."

Original programming on the site - like the new comedy Training Days, focusing on what famous footballers get up to when they train - is going to increase.

Last year it broadcast Demi Lovato's documentary Simply Complicated, as well as Katy Perry's Witness Worldwide, a Big Brother-style four-day exclusive stream.

Kyncl says it's using shows like that to "drive more interest to YouTube to benefit content creators."

Working with James Corden and his team is no surprise after the success his Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke feature has had on YouTube.

The segment with Adele has had more than 175m views.

You can watch Adele and James Corden drive around London singing some of her biggest hits here.

(Warning: Third party videos may contain adverts)

Its success "surprised everybody" admits Kyncl, who says: "James is incredibly thoughtful to make sure his show works both on TV and on YouTube".


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