Calgary animators win prestigious Winsor McCay Award

Calgary animators win prestigious Winsor McCay Award
From CBC - February 1, 2018

Years ago, Amanda Forbiswas an art student at Vancouver's Emily Carr Art College, when she took a film class with Sandy Wilson, best known as the writer and director of the film My American Cousin.

At the time, it felt like a breakthrough moment for Forbis, who, with partner Wendy Tilby, is receiving the Winsor McCay Award animation award Saturday in Los Angeles.

That unique career path was not yet apparent when Forbisfell under the spell of Wilson.

"She was just a fantastic, inspiring film teacher," Forbis said, in an interview on The Homestretch."So I had that light shine on andthought wow! This [filmmaking]is what I want to do!"

Then she spent a year working on film sets in Vancouver, in winter, and it did not seem like such a hot idea anymore.

"In second year, I quickly realized how tiresome film shoots were," she said. "They are always in the rain, [it was usually about] one degree, you are chilly for lunch it was just awful."

That's when a secondlight bulbwent on forForbis: animated film.

"I thought wow, (with animation) I can stay in a room, and paint and draw and create my own world," she said. "Without need for a crew."

Unbeknownst to her, over at the University of Victoria, Tilby, an art student and aspiring documentary filmmaker in search of an artistic identity,was having exactly the same epiphany.

"Animation was the perfect thing to make films where you are controlling every aspect of it. And I think it suits both of us," said Tilby.

That was the start of long, successful careers for the duo, whoare based in Calgary.

A roster of international clients

A variety of inspirations

We like to think of what we do as a short story, or poetry lots of content, lots of stuff to chew on, very good for repeatviewings.-AmandaForbis

'A deep pit of endless possibilities'


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