Time to explore world after acting, triple Oscar winner Day-Lewis says

From Reuters - February 1, 2018

ATHENS (Reuters) - Three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis says he has come to accept his decision to quit acting even if he doesnt quite understand it himself.

If I knew the answer I would probably avoid trying to answer it anyway, but as it happens I cant answer the question, Day-Lewis told reporters in Athens ahead of the screening of his final film Phantom Thread.

Day-Lewis, 60, the only man to have won three lead actor Oscars, shocked the film world in June by announcing, without explanation, that he was retiring as an actor.

His decision came after he finished filming Phantom Thread, a dark romance set in 1950s postwar London which took Director Paul Thomas Anderson two years to research and write.

I dont fully understand it but it came to me with a sense of conviction and so I choose to move forward in acceptance of that rather than struggling with it, he said.

The British actor, whose career has won him best actor Oscars for roles as a paraplegic Irish writer in My Left Foot (1989), a greedy early 20th century oil baron in There Will Be Blood (2007), and U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln (2013), described acting as a sanctuary that in a way, saved me from myself when I was a kid.

But I just feel its time to explore the world in a different way now, he said.


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