'Melania Trump' Answers All Your Important Questions About Her Husband's Speech on Stephen Colbert

From TIME - February 1, 2018

Rep. Joe Kennedy gave a buzzy response to the State of the Union, but Melania Trump stopped by The Late Show on Wednesday night to give her own take on President Trumps speech. Turns out that Laura Benantis Melania was glued to her seat during the presidents address. Unfortunately, she meant it literally, noting: That General Kelly is a real prankster, right?!

Stephen Colbert noted that the first lady opted to arrive at the SOTU address without her husband. So the state of our union is strong, Colbert joked. The state of their union? Its complicated. Benantis Melania admitted to Colbert that lately her life is an ocean of loneliness. WhenColbert asked her to clarify, she said, I was just promoting my new fragrance: Ocean of Loneliness. It is a decadent bouquet of gardenia blossoms with a hint of I live in a prison of my own making!


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