What it's like to live as a tea drinker in a coffee drinker's world

What it's like to live as a tea drinker in a coffee drinker's world
From Mashable - February 4, 2018

It ai not easy bein' a tea drinker in America nowadaysand frankly, it never has been.

If you are a coffee drinker, I ask you to listen. It might be hard for you to understand people who live and drink outside your experience. Tea drinkers are forced to function in a society that, intentionally or not, excludes them and their hot caffeinated beverage of choice.

I am not here to tell you whether coffee or tea is better. There's a whole crappy hot take industry dedicated to that. All I want is for tea drinkers to finally speak up for themselves and be recognized as caffeinated equals.

Pour yourselves a cup of your favorite beveragewe do not judge drinks here, unless it's Coke Zeroand hear my story.

For most of my twenties, I lived exclusively as a tea drinker, even though I never publicly identified that way. Back then, there was nothing lamer than ordering tea with your breakfast. It was a sin worse than ordering decaf after dessert.

Coffee drinkers just could not understand how anyone could prefer a chai tea latte to their beloved Frappuccino. How did I wake up in the mornings? What did I order at Starbucks? Did I have a bad experience with coffeewas I hurt in any way?

It got to the point where I, like many other tea drinkers I know, just started openly lying about my preferences. It was not that I did not love coffee, it was just that I was, uh, allergic. My stomach was always very sensitive to acid, and, as much as I loved coffee, my, uh, intestines could not handle it. Or maybe it was my esophagus? Clearly coffee was the superior choice, I'd tell them. I was forced against my will to order Earl Grey at the diner.

None of this of true, for me or the majority of tea drinkers. Coffee did make me feel nauseous, though I knew with time I could get used to it. Tea was just a lighter, gentler buzz. It was a more affordable hobby.

Who can understand the mysteries of the human heart? I was in love.

But love is not easy. Tea drinkers like myself often ca not go out in public without putting themselves at risk of drinking inferior tea. Too often, we go out for breakfast or dessert and are only given one tea optiona crusty bag of Lipton's from 1989. Waiters wo not even bother to let the tea brew. They will just throw a bag in there and dump a cup of cold milk, then hope for best.


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