Time Travel With Lindsay Lohan As She Reenacts Your Favorite Mean Girls Lines

From TIME - February 6, 2018

No, fetch is still not happening.

Thats the word from Lindsay LohanCady Heron herselfin a new video with W Magazine. Lohan graciously reenacted eight different iconic lines from Mean Girls, the seminal teen movie by Tina Fey in the clip, helping us relive the early oughts as only Lohan herself can.

From the distinctive fragrance of a baby prostitute to that sneaky nonexistent limit, Lohan takes us back to a time when Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert were all just young actors joining together in one of the great comic ensembles of the era. But even in 2018 Wednesdays are, of course, still for wearing pink.


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