A Glimpse Inside Opening Day For The First Season Of Overwatch League

From Uproxx - February 9, 2018

After months of anticipation, season one of Overwatch League is finally here. Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch in May of 2016, and its been a bit of a cultural phenomenon ever since.

At its most basic description, Overwatch is a first-person team combat game that features two teams of six squaring off in a plethora of different modes where a winning team is ultimately crowned, and the effective simplicity of Overwatch to anyone familiar with video games has resulted in one of the biggest (and fastest-growing) eSports fanbases weve ever seen.

What separates Overwatch League from other eSports you may or may not have watched in the past is how Blizzard Entertainment structured the league. Overwatch League operates like a professional sports league in a way that is unlike anything else in eSports, making it inherently easier to follow if youre new to the concept of professional gaming.


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