Will Smith's Instagram game is stronger than most

Will Smith's Instagram game is stronger than most
From BBC - February 9, 2018

Will Smith is not just an award winning actor, he's also a huge hit on Instagram.

The 49-year-old joined the site in December and has already gained almost eight million followers.

He's a huge star, so that's maybe not surprising, but he is not just using it for the usual selfies and food pics.

Whether it's with cleverly edited videos or witty comments, the actor is doing what he does best - making people laugh.

In his latest viral post he parodies son Jaden's song Icon, wearing a huge gold chain, grills, and a torn denim jacket.

Will posted the video as a tribute to Jaden, congratulating his son on reaching 100 million streams on Spotify.

"J Diddy! I am proud of you, baby. One hundred million streams!" Will says at the end. "Congratulations, man. A hundred million. Congrats! I love you."

And while it's definitely all love, probably around 90% of Will's posts consist of him trolling his family in some way.

Like when he told Jaden he was being replaced by a wombat.

Or just really wanted to show off his wife Jada's new haircut.

But it's hard to deny how fun Instagram makes the Smiths look.

Will's used the platform to give people a glimpse into his family's life at Christmas.

The actor recently proved that his bio - "new playground. Same kid from West Philly" - was factually correct.

He represented the Philadelphia Eagles and his city to the max ahead of the Super Bowl.


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